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We are here such a short time, let us support you on your journey of self-discovery.

Holistic coaching session

During a 1,5 hour long soul led coaching session, we will work together to identify your deepest desires and values, and explore ways to align your actions and decisions with your true purpose. We will also examine what may be holding you back and develop strategies for releasing them.

Through a combination of coaching techniques, self-exploration, and spiritual practices, we will work to help you connect with your inner wisdom and tap into your full potential. The process can be deeply transformative and lead to profound personal growth and development.

Together, we can help you tap into your inner wisdom and discover your true purpose. Topic of the session may be anything and everything between heaven & earth.

Session can be held in either Swedish or English.


1 session: 1.555 sek. 

3 session package: 4.222 sek. 

10 session package: 11.111 sek. 


“I have never felt so seen and been so understood for who I am as with Ibi. I also gained a lot clarity.”


“Right on target guidance & support on my healing journey. Also concrete tips for my expansion.”


“Ibi confirmed things I have felt inside but never had the courage to take action on. Now I know how to move on.”


“A very light session and great experience that felt soft and energetic at the same time. through the session I got confirmation of things my intiution tried to whisper and I felt happy & empowered afterwards. I highly recommend Ibi and Soul & Beyond.”


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