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Kundalini Bodywork

In Kundalini Bodywork we have a multidimensional approach, shifting on a body / mind / soul level. This is holistic approach to life where you will be guided and supported to activate your inner healing abilities and your life force energy.  

We work both with the path of surrender and your own will power to raise you energy. Implementing tools such as breathwork, intention setting, shadow work, shaking, dearmouring, integration and certain self care tools. 

Sessions are around 2,5 hours long and can be booked upon request. 


Private online session 1.555 sek.

3 private online sessions 3.555 sek.

Private irl session 2.222 sek. 

3 private irl sessions 5.555 sek. 

This is a holistic approach to life.

Let´s shift and align. 


“The session was a very powerful experience for me. Never before did I learn this much about my body and all that I can heal trough Bodywork. I have tried multiple treatments before but with Ibi it was totally different and I feel so much better. It´s hard to describe with words - you need to experience it yourself. I gained so much clarity how to move forward. ”


“I really needed this! It feels like I have been born again. So grateful our paths crossed. You are incredible! ”


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